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About 100% Nature

I started 100% Nature when my daughter was six months old. As a newborn baby she had very sensitive skin and I decided to use only natural skincare products. Then later as she developed some patches of eczema I began to search for natural products designed to relieve eczema and that worked.

Having been a strong proponent of a natural and holistic approach to health for many years, and then experiencing pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood I was also determined to try to use only complementary health for my family. Newborn babies and new mothers can experience so many common health complaints and yet I felt that finding natural advice and solutions was often very difficult. By using dietary supplements, herbs, homeopathy and other natural remedies I wanted to encourage my daughter's immune system to become strong and healthy and do exactly what it is designed to do. I also wanted to provide other parents with the information and products that I had come to know and trust.

So I have created 100% Nature as a source of exceptional, award-winning natural products - skincare, supplements and a natural pharmacy - along with invaluable health advice as a 'one-stop-shop' for your family's health. The A-Z of health covers many common ailments and provides dietary and lifestyle advice, as well as product guidance for each condition. By sharing my passion for natural health and the importance of natural ingredients I hope I can help you to take care of your skin and your health.

There is an abundance of chemicals in the world and in the last 50 years man has created around 80,000 new chemicals. They are in our food chain and water, our skincare, furniture, household and gardening products. Each generation is absorbing more and more of them. We do not need to use chemicals to create affordable, effective, high quality products, so all the products available from 100% Nature contain only natural ingredients.

Hopefully you will gradually eliminate other products from your home, and gain the confidence and knowledge to support and improve your health naturally - to make yours and your family's health a priority, and live better, longer healthier lives.

When selecting products I have considered the country of origin and made every effort to choose those produced in the EU to reduce our environmental footprint by limiting the use of fuel to ship goods. However some products have been chosen for their specific quality or affordability, and are from further a field. All manufacturers follow stringent quality standards and ingredients and final products are environmentally and sustainably sourced and produced.

All packaging (boxes and packing) and office stationery is reused or recycled. I do not purchase any plastic bags or packaging. So if you ever feel that when boxes arrive they don't look quite so new and sophisticated, that is because they have already delivered something to somebody else!

I hope that you enjoy using 100% Nature as much as I have enjoyed researching, sourcing the products and compiling the information. I have endeavored not to provide too wide a selection of products, and have chosen what I believe to be the very best, to make your choice as easy as possible. However, if you do have any queries at all or if there is anything that you would like to see added please contact me.

With best wishes,

Lucy Russell