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Alopecia or Hair Loss: What is it and what to do?

Hair loss can be defined in medical terms as alopecia or alopecia areata. This is a kind of condition where hair in parts of the body, including the scalp does not grow normally, thus it may result in baldness. Sometimes, it can also be called spot baldness. It usually starts in one small area where the hair stops growing, and eventually can spread throughout the whole scalp.

Studies were conducted and it has shown that different factors may be considered and different reasons may occur why alopecia is being encountered by someone. Hair loss does not choose any gender - male or female. However, some studies and experiments were conducted and it has been found out that alopecia or hair loss is mostly seen in women than in men. During the late teenage years, that is the time that this kind of disease attacks.

Yes, alopecia is considered as a disease. Since some people think that having a bald spot in your scalp may look disgusting, there is more than that. As a matter of fact, it simply shows that there is a systemic disease that is being spread all throughout the body.
Normally, here is what the cycle goes. Hair would grow, and after quite sometime, the hair would stop growing. The time that the hair stops from growing is called the resting phase. After this phase, hair would usually fall out. That is quite normal because a new hair is about to grow to replace the hair that fell out. What's not normal is that when new hairs do not grow back.

The normal signs that a person show whenever he/she is suffering from hair loss is it would start from one part of the scalp, one part that hair would never grow and afterwards, the whole scalp will become bald. Like mentioned earlier, this kind of disease occur during the late teenage and early adulthood years.

There are listed different reasons why hair loss occurs. Here are some of the most common and the most usual causes of alopecia:

• Did you know that excessive combing of hair can cause alopecia? Yes, that is one reason why this kind of disease is most common to women. Too much combing of hair can cause damage to the hair - heat damage that is. And when the time comes that too much damage was done, the hair would eventually stop growing.

• Another reason why hair loss takes place is because of lack in iron. Remember that hair is still part of your body. Without proper nutrients, there is a possibility that the hormones responsible for producing hair would stop and therefore would cause spot baldness or hair loss.


• Sometimes, it can be considered as a disease that runs from one blood to another. If you have relatives that are suffering from this kind of disease, there is a possibility that you might catch the same disease as well. Alopecia is a hereditary disease.

• Medications and different treatments may cause hair loss. Take chemotherapy for instance. Since this kind of treatment gets rid of all the cancer cells (also, including the healthy cells) the treatment tends to destroy everything that is responsible for hair growth.


There are instances that alopecia is being caused due to iron deficiency or even nutrient deficiency; here are some things that are recommended for you to practice. Remember that this is not only applicable for people who are suffering from hair loss, but this is recommended for people to further avoid having this kind of condition.

1. Make sure that you eat a proper diet. Do not just settle with foods saturated with fat and sugar. Make sure that you have a balanced diet. Junk foods should be minimized. Eat foods rich in protein, iron, vitamins and minerals.

2. Combing the hair is quite good. But make sure that you find a nice brush or a gentle comb. Avoid having your hair ironed or curled at most times. If your profession requires it, make sure that you have conditioners or moisturizers that are specifically made to protect your hair. Also, do not use harmful chemicals. As much as possible only use shampoo and conditioner that are made up of pure and natural extracts.

3. You may also use some coconut extracts to make sure that your hair grows stronger. Do not expose hair to too much heat.

Normally, people get easily alarmed with this kind of problem. Undoubtedly, most are so concerned about how they look and without hair, it seems like a part of their body is missing - people may feel incomplete at most times. In most cases hair loss or alopecia can be corrected, as long as the root cause of the problem has been diagnosed. However, if you have noticed something like this, make sure that you immediately consult a doctor to have your condition diagnosed as soon as possible. Remember that having it diagnosed earlier is a lot better. Once you have seen the different signs and symptoms of alopecia don't just ignore it. Because it is a lot better to have it treated earlier rather than have it treated when the medications and treatment are a lot more expensive and such.

Do not lose hope. Most of the time, you would easily notice improvements within a couple of weeks or less. Just remember that you must go and seek the advice of those people who has extensive knowledge, and act accordingly. Do not hesitate and do not be afraid to show this to doctors. They are there to help you out. They would find the root cause of the problem - once you have been diagnosed, you would be able to determine how to properly address the problem.

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