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NATALIA Blissful Baby Box

Beautiful natural products for TOTAL BLISS as you enjoy your new baby. Bring the benefits of nurture, nourishing skin care, relaxation and positive touch into your family life. If your baby is happy then you will be happy too.

Price: £32.00
NATALIA New Parent Survival Box

Wonderful natural products for TOTAL TOGETHERNESS as you start family life. Massaging your baby, nurturing yourselves and allowing time to simply be together in these early weeks can give your family the best possible start.

Price: £34.50

NATALIA Mum's Gorgeous Pampering Box

Gorgeous natural products for TOTAL PAMPERING for all mums. These gorgeous products invite you to bring the benefits of nurture, nourishing skincare, relaxation and positive touch into your life as a mother. Allowing time to look after yourself is beneficial for the whole family.

Price: £30.00
NATALIA Pregnancy Relaxation Box

Soothing natural aromatherapy products for TOTAL RELAXATION throughout your pregnancy. Your relationship with your baby begins long before they are born and encouraging relaxation and positive touch throughout your pregnacy can have long lasting positive effects for you and for your baby.

Price: £32.00

NATALIA Beautiful Pregnant Body Box

Gorgeous natural products for TOTAL NURTURE as your body grows and changes. Your skin and body need special care in pregnancy. NATALIA helps you connect positively with your changing body - caring for, feeding and nourishing your skin and supporting you physically and emotionally.

Price: £34.50
NATALIA Labour & Birth Box

Supportive natural products for TOTAL PREPARATION when you give birth. The more relaxed you are and the more you trust your instincts, the more positive your birth experience is likely to be. The use of baths and massage will help to give your birth partner some positive ways of supporting you.

Price: £34.50