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CPX KIT all ages w/ Silver-MSM Hi Strength Skin Spray x2

Price: £27.99

Product Overview

Contains 'Silver-MSM Hi Strength & Broad Spectrum Skin Spray' an easy-to-use liquid spray. 100% natural. Suitable for babies of all ages, children and adults.

50ml spray bottle x2

Our ‘CPX Kit- all ages’ contains Silver-MSM Hi Strength & Broad Spectrum Skin Spray a natural easy-to-use liquid spray to be used topically. It is 100% natural and is suitable for babies of all ages, children and adults.

50ml spray bottle x2
Unlike the commonly used yet extremely ineffective Calamine Lotion this product does not dry the skin.
PRICE: £27.99

PLEASE NOTE: this item needs to be signed for and cannot be left in a 'safe' place, although you can ask a neighbour to sign if requested. 

Colloidal silver – the perfect defender!
'SILVER-MSM Hi Strength & Broad Spectrum Skin Spray'  (50ml spray bottle) is a suspension of silver particles in purified water with organic food grade MSM, and comes in an easy-to-use spray - no mess, no need to apply individually. Just spray over the affected areas as often as required.  Can be sprayed anywhere on the body including in the eyes and onto the genital area if required. It does not sting and feels just like water on the skin. A cool, soothing spray.
Colloidal silver can be used by all ages.

Contains: Purified water and 99.999% pure silver
Directions: spray all over the body as often as required

If you would like to read more about colloidal silver please see The Colloidal Silver Report (£2.50) - an ideal resource booklet about the history of colloidal silver and it’s laboratory evidence.

PLEASE NOTE: if you find that you need more Silver-MSM Liquid there is a 200ml Refill bottle which is more cost effective. Please keep hold of your 50ml spray bottle so that you can refill it. No need to rinse out just drain when empty and top up.


"When our children had chickenpox we sprayed them all over and the amazing thing was that it stopped the itch and when the virus had run its course they didn't have any pock marks at all.  We were really happy with the results" C. Miles
"Your kit was simply a god-send. It seemed to hasten along the healing and as such has prevented much scarring. I just wish that the bottle was larger!...The aloe vera was refreshing and did what it said!! It's such a shame that more adults suffering with chicken pox are unaware of these products." C. Alexander 
"I have used the CPX kit and it was fantastic! I have already ordered more from you..." S. Triwulandari
"As soon as I started to use the kit my son really didn't seem to suffer any more.  The chickenpox went really quickly and he was back at nursery much faster than other children. I also used the Aloe Vera Gel which was wonderful and cooling." H. Evans
"This kit was incredible. My children call it their 'magic spray'. They just stopped itching and the speed at which the spots began to heal was amazing. I am just so pleased we found this....Thank you again!" S. Hamill
"Really pleased with the kit and the speed it aided recovery.  As soon as we started using it we could see results.  Will recommend to anyone who is unfortunate enough to get this virus!" T. Tame
"I was more than happy with the results of the Kit. The products helped soothe the skin instantly (with no odour or drying effect like Calamine Lotion) and brought out the rash quickly. Being 23 and having chicken pox was rather frustrating but finding your site and the products was a lifeline! I was back at University within 2 weeks." S. Cullen
"The kit was little girl of 1 1/2 was so bad her face was swollen and her whole body was one big spot. But her recovery rate was fantastic, she was clear in a week and she loved the cooling aloe vera gel on her skin." C. Hall
- Keep well hydrated and drink freshly made juices and vegetable soups until the fever drops
- Introduce simple foods like mashed banana, avocados, yoghurt etc when the appetite returns - do not use cooked or processed foods
- Do not give cow's milk or formula to a feverish baby/infant.  This can worsen an illness. Instead give pure juices diluted with filtered/bottled water, rice milk and plenty of quality water until the fever has passed
- Keep out of direct sunlight and keep interior areas dimly lit - bright light worsens the condition

- Try not to let your child scratch. Keep nails short and clean. Use scratch mittens if necessary.

- Give plenty of cool baths - run hot water through a muslin bag (or a stocking) of uncooked oats, massaging the bag to encourage the creamy substance to come out of the oats. Add cold water to the bath to cool the temperature. This helps reduce the itch.

- Keep children away from others who have the same as re-infection can worsen the condition. Family members should have limited contact with each other
- Chamomile tea
 is very soothing and can help reduce irritation. For children over the age of 6 give a dessertspoon of the tea four times daily and for children below the age of six give just one teaspoon four times daily

Once the skin has healed, if there are marks on the skin massage a little Rosa Mosqueta Oil directly into the areas daily to support healthy skin renewal
You may be aware of a condition called agryia which is associated with the misuse of silver products. The body is familiar with silver. It is found naturally in some foods including mushrooms and dairy products and is then eliminated by the body. The silver in Colloidal Silver is also eliminated in just the same way. Overdosing with Colloidal Silver however can lead to a condition called agryia where silver builds up in the body and the skin turns blue/grey. Agryia is not dangerous but is obviously undesirable. PLEASE NOTE that you would have to take Colloidal Silver every day for 9 or 10 years for this to be a risk. Colloidal Silver when used correctly, for short-term use both orally and topically, is absolutely safe.
If you have any questions at all with regard to this kit please contact us

For additional support see our other CPX kits - CPX KIT 1 is for children and for adults we have CPX KIT - Adult
NB. The products in this section are legally classified as food / dietary supplements and are not allowed to imply or claim to be a treatment, cure or prevention of diseases or medical conditions
Price: £27.99

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