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EAR SUPPORT KIT - age 6 months+

List Price: £36.38
Price: £32.99

Product Overview

A natural and holistic approach. Contains Colloidal Silver-MSM Ear & Eye Drops, ProbioStart probiotic and Zinc with Vitamin C Drops. Suitable from 6 months

Our ‘Ear Support Kit – 6 months+ is a comprehensive, natural and holistic approach.

The kit contains 'Colloidal Silver-MSM Ear & Eye Drops' an easy-to-use liquid which you apply directly into the ear, ‘Zinc plus Ascorbate Drops' a liquid herbal combination and ‘ProbioStart’ a probiotic supplement suitable from 6 months.

EAR SUPPORT Kit – age 6 months+
£32.99 (includes more than 10% discount off the RRP) comes with instructions for use.


PLEASE NOTE: this kit is suitable for babies from 6 months of age.
For children from 4 years of age click here.  For children from age 2 years click here.
For younger babies depending on their age: from birth use Colloidal Silver-MSM Drops , a multivitamin and probiotic; from 3 months use Colloidal Silver-MSM Drops, a multivitamin, probiotic and Zinc drops. Please also read the 'Additional Information' below.

For adults use Colloidal Silver-MSM Drops  with Echinacea & Goldenseal and a Probiotic . Please also read the 'Additional Information' below


Colloidal silver – the perfect defender!

Colloidal Silver-MSM Ear & Eye Drops £11.99 (50ml dropper bottle) is a suspension of silver particles in purified water combined with the additional properties of colloidal MSM (organic sulphur). It does not sting and feels just like water on the skin. It is 100% natural, can be used by all ages, and is vegan/vegetarian.

Colloidal silver has been used for hundreds of years. A good quality silver colloid is simply a suspension of silver particles in water made using electro-controlled technology and purified water, to achieve a small particle size - this provides a much greater surface area for contact and a more effective product.

Contains: Purified water, silver and OptiMSM

Colloidal Silver is also available as 100ml and 200ml bottles

If you would like to read more about colloidal silver please see The Colloidal Silver Report (£2.50) - an ideal resource booklet providing information on the history of the use of silver, how it works, it's safety, dosages and laboratory evidence.

Directions: spray 4 or 5 times directly into the ear three or four times daily, or as required. Try to lay on your side for anything from 5 - 30 minutes keeping that ear upwards to allow the liquid to penetrate right into the ear. Full instructions are included.

ProbioStart £15.99 (30 sachets) – probiotics are important for the health of the digestion and the immune system, especially if you have been taking antibiotics. The normal balance of friendly bacteria in our gut is fragile and can easily be disturbed by factors such as stress, diet and medication (e.g. antibiotics). A daily probiotic supplement helps to replenish levels of good bacteria, thereby supporting health, digestion and immunity.

Directions: add the contents of 1 sachet to cold or tepid drink or food. Provides 3 billion viable cells.

'Nutrisorb Zinc plus Ascorbate' £8.40 - it is very easy to be deficient in zinc because its food sources are quite limited (nuts and shellfish) especially for young children and yet it is so important for the immune system and to aid healing. This formula also contains some vitamin C. It is available as liquid drops for babies.





Please consider carefully the information below. Much more can be done to boost the immune system.

- Vitamin C with bioflavonoids boosts the immune system and is important during times of stress. Adults can benefit from taking 3000-7000mg a day in divided doses - see Vitamins. For younger children give an age-appropriate dose in divided doses throughout the day - see Vitamins for Babies & Children.

NB. All these vitamin C supplements are buffered so as to be gentle on the stomach, and are combined with bioflavonoids for maximum effectiveness.

Omega 3 - many people in the western world are deficient in omega 3 fatty acids and yet scientific evidence has shown that a diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids will help maintain healthy skin and hair, healthy hormones, brain, joints, immune system and heart. These high quality fish oils contain far higher levels of EPA than most high street brands. Try flax oil if you prefer a vegetarian source of omega 3 - see Essential Fatty Acids and Essential Fatty Acids for Babies & Children.


- Eliminate for at least 6-8 weeks the most common allergy-causing foods from the diet: wheat, dairy products, corn, oranges, peanut butter and all simple carbohydrates including sugar, fruits, and undiluted fruit juices. Rice milk is a good alternative to milk and does not cause mucous production within the body. If you do need to cut out dairy products you can give a calcium supplement - see Minerals and Minerals for Babies & Children.

- Avoid mucous-forming foods entirely during a fever (these are all dairy products, eggs and excessive meat or soya, sugary and fatty foods i.e. acidic foods), and consume plenty of fluids. Rice milk is a good dairy free alternative and can also be given to bottle-fed babies for just 3-4 days before returning back to formula milk.
NB. Rice milk should not replace infant formula milk for longer than this unless your child is over the age of one year.

- Make sure your child drinks plenty of filtered or bottled water, approximately one pint per foot of height per day. Dehydration can worse congestion.

- If you are prone to ear problems cover the ears when bathing, swimming or when out in cold and windy weather.

- Wrap a hot water bottle in a towel and place the ear on it for comfort

- Try not to blow your nose, and ensure the external ear canal is kept dry when bathing or showering by placing some cotton wool in the ear. 


Immune Support

If you have any questions at all with regard to this treatment please contact us


NB. The products in this section are not allowed to imply or claim to be a treatment, cure or prevention of diseases or medical conditions. If you are unsure as to the suitability of any of the products or recommendations with regard to your condition please consult your doctor. If your doctor does not approve of complementary medicine it may be helpful to find one who does.


"Last year my daughter Lily had been suffering with constant ear infections which went on to cause three perforated ear drums, we consulted an ear specialist at South End Hospital who suggested we should consider surgery as Lily's hearing was now being affected.  My husband and I decided that if Lily suffered another perforated ear drum we would book her in for the surgery to insert grommets into her ear, however one day I was searching the internet for advice and came across 100% Nature.  They suggested improving Lily's immune system after so much antibiotic use, and so she wouldn't come down with so many colds as it was always after a cold that Lily got an ear infection.  So we purchased the ear support kit and also got zinc and omega 3 for extra immune support ...we called it her 'little medicine drink' and I mix it all in together and she loves it.  Since January 2007 Lily has only had one sore ear which went away using the kit and never went into a perforated ear drum, and she never needed to have surgery.  I can really recommend giving your child such products and before finding 100% Nature I was totally beside myself with the thought of putting my two year old through surgery, I also couldn't find anyone who sold children's Zinc or Omega 3 under the age of 3 years old. I am really grateful to Lucy for helping my family. We always thought of Lily as having a weak immune system but now she is just like any other healthy child." K. Armstrong

"My daughter was really prone to ear infections and we always had to use antibiotics. Since using your kit the difference has been incredible. If she gets an ear ache it clears up in just a few hours and we haven’t needed antibiotics at all. Thank you." E. Walker

"My son Finn-Lee was in an awful state when we came across your site. He had had so many ear infections and endless courses of antibiotics that he had to have surgery for grommets. Afterwards he was still pale, not putting on much weight and always prone to infections. After your recommendations we bought your kit plus some other products for his immune system. We took him off dairy as much as we could and gave Rice Milk instead and we avoided swimming as that always put his ears in a terrible state. It took some time as you said it would but now Finn-Lee is a different child. He has colour in his cheeks and he doesn’t catch things anymore than any other child his age. I was at my wits end when we came to you for advice and I will be forever grateful. Thank you." T. Windsor

"It was very effective, I gave it to my 18 month old girl who I didn’t want to receive antibiotics at this time of year, and it cleared up within two days - also used it for a sore throat I had and was immediate so would definitely recommend it! Thank you" M. Egan

List Price: £36.38
Price: £32.99

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