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If you think you have a fracture or a break go to casualty immediately. Once the bone has been re-set you can then speed up the healing process using supplements and homeopathy.

DIETARY ADVICE: adults would benefit from eating half a fresh pineapple a day (children one quarter). Fresh pineapple (not tinned) contains bromelain, which reduces swelling and inflammation. If this is not practical bromelain can be taken in supplement form.

Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D are all very important to help maintain strong and healthy. Exposure to sunlight causes the skin to produce vitamin D so if possible sit out in the sun for half an hour each day. Stay out of the midday sun though and make sure you are using sun protection - see Sun Care. The most beneficial food sources of vitamin D are herrings, mackerel and organic salmon so increase your intake of these.

Avoid red meat, fizzy drinks, caffeine, junk food and all food with preservatives - all of these can slow down the healing process.


see Joint & MusclesMinerals and Minerals for Babies & Children



Homeopathy - initially take Arnica 30c for the trauma and to help reduce bruising. Then once the bone has set Symphytum 30c and Calcium phosphate 30c can both help to speed up the healing process. Take Symphytum in the morning and Cal Phos in the evening, for two weeks.

Alternatively Injury 30c remedy is specifically developed to help speed recovery - see Homeopathy. See the Homeopathic Kits for sets containing a range of different remedies.

NB. It is important to touch the pills as little as possible, ideally tipping them into the lid and then directly into the mouth, and also to avoid eating and drinking at the same time as taking the remedy.

If you are unsure or if these remedies are not working, contact a professional homeopath.

NB. This information is in no way intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are unsure as to the suitability of any of the products or recommendations with regard to your condition please consult your doctor. If your doctor does not approve of complementary medicine it may be helpful to find one who does.

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