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INCOGNITO Hair & Body Wash 200ml

10% OFF INCOGNITO. Use in conjunction with incognito anti-mosquito spray for an unprecedented level of natural protection from biting and stinging insects. Completley natural shampoo, conditioner and bodywash/shower gel. Contains rare organic Java citronella which repels insects, including head lice. Safe for all ages.


List Price: £7.94
Price: £7.15
ARGENTUM PLUS Silver-MSM Conditioner 200ml


Price: £15.99

ARGENTUM PLUS Silver-MSM Shampoo (200ml)

Silver-MSM Shampoo is a highly concentrated and non-fragranced shampoo designed for all hair types. Mild, yet very efficient and economical, it leaves your hair clean, soft and manageable.
Based on electro-colloidal silver it is also anti-microbial and anti-septic, a benefit to itching scalps.


Price: £7.99
ESSENTIAL CARE Organic Hair Clear Oil


A combination of potent pure essential oils, all of which have a long tradition of use for the natural treatment of head lice. Pleasant smell. Full instructions are enclosed.



List Price: £9.00
Price: £6.30
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ESSENTIAL CARE Organic Hair Lice Guard

A blend of pleasantly fragrant pure essential oils with a long tradition of use for the prevention of head lice. To protect against headlice, brush into the hair daily and / or add to after-shampoo rinse.


Price: £6.50
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NU HAIR Anti-Thinning Serum

Provides intensive nourishment for excessively thinning hair, receding hairlines, breakage around the hairline, and any area of the scalp that has poor hair density. Ensures vital nutrients are supplied to nourish the follicle receptor sites.


Price: £20.85

ARGENTUM PLUS Silver-MSM Neem 2in1 Anti-Headlice Shampoo & Conditioner 200ml

Silver-MSM Neem 2 in 1 contains Neem Oil, which traditionally is used in India to treat nits and is a very rich oil, and Lemon Tea Tree and Citronella Essential Oils, which are commonly used for this purpose in western societies. All of these have a strong scent in common, which seems to also repel other insects, i.e. mosquitoes.


Price: £15.99