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List Price: £20.50
Price: £18.45

Product Overview

Contains 3 natural products to help relieve the symptoms of hayfever. HayMax, Hay fever 30c (or the Hay fever homeopathic remedy of your choice), and Rhinodoron Nasal Spray. 

Suitable for pregnant women, babies and children up to 12 years.


This kit contains 3 natural products to help relieve the symptoms of hayfever and offers a 10% saving on purchasing the products individually.

Suitable for pregnant women, babies and children from birth to 12 years.


‘HayMax Pure’ £6.90 the award-winning natural & organic drug-free pollen barrier

Award-winning, natural and organic drug-free pollen barrier cream that stops pollen entering the nasal passages - stop the pollen before you sneeze! Incredible testimonials and national press coverage due to its effectiveness. Suitable for babies, children and during pregnancy.


‘Hayfever 30c’ £6.95 an extremely effective homeopathic remedy designed to relieve all hay fever symptoms

An easy answer to hayfever symptoms, this combination of mixed pollens with three important hayfever remedies usually has a big impact on most cases at this time of the year.


(or choose the Hay fever homeopathic remedy of your choice - please select: Hayfever ITCHY for predominantly itchy symptoms, Hayfever NEW for 'spaced out' symptoms, Mixed Tree Pollen for early sufferers, or Rapeseed Pollen.

‘Rhinodoron Nasal Spray’ £4.95 for the immediate relief of nasal hay fever symptoms such as a blocked, itchy nose

A medical device to help clear a blocked, stuffy nose when you have a cold or hayfever. Helps break down and clear the crusty covering inside a congested nose that hinders breathing.



‘These products worked really well, my symptoms were greatly reduced and left me feeling far more comfortable. The HayMax really does help stop sneezing and soothes an itchy nose. It's good to have something that actually works and does not fill your body with chemicals.  It's also a handy size to carry around with you and is so light in texture that it can not be seen on the skin... It's good to know that the ingredients are all natural - better than using chemicals and more effective!’ R. Larkins


‘I have tried so many different things to improve my hay fever and nothing has ever really worked but with this kit I can actually feel it working’. N. Carter


‘Thank you so much for this. My daughter’s hay fever just seemed to gradually disappear when she began using the kit. It is so nice to see her looking healthy and happy again.’ T. Windsor

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List Price: £20.50
Price: £18.45

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