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Price: £13.90

Product Overview

This Calcium and Magnesium drink is ideal for children (especially when teething) and for adults who want to wind down. Dairy Free. Vegetarian.

140g powder

•   May help winding down and aids restful sleep when taken at bedtime
•   Magnesium naturally aids relaxed muscle function
•   Makes a soothing instant drink when added to hot water, honey, fruit juice or herb tea
•   Great for people who have trouble swallowing tablets or capsules
•   Ideal for children especially when teething
Suggested intake:
Take one well-rounded teaspoon (3.5g) up to 3 times a day, stirred into a cup of boiling water until it dissolves.
One well-rounded teaspoon (3.5g) typically provides:
120mg Calcium, 1.25µg Vitamin D2, 78.3mg Vitamin C, 90mg Magnesium, 301mg Citric acid, 14mg Malic acid.
Does not contain:
Salt, starch, soya, wheat, gluten, yeast, lactose, dairy products, artificial preservatives, colours or flavourings.

Vegetarian and vegan.
140g powder


Price: £13.90

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