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Price: £6.70

Product Overview

This Canadian Kelp supplement is rich in natural Iodine, which helps maintain healthy thyroid function, plus trace minerals, and is sourced from clean ocean water that is pollutant screened. Vegan.

180 tablets.

•   Iodine is essential for healthy thyroid function
•   Contains naturally sourced iodine and trace minerals from clean ocean water
•   The thyroid controls metabolism and therefore body weight
•   It is also important for healthy hair and nails
•   May not be suitable for people with fish or crustacean allergy
•   Consult your doctor if taking thyroxine or are hyperthyroid
•   Ideal taken with Advanced Nutrition Complex multivitamin, Thyroid Support Formula and Omega 3 Fish Oil
Suggested intake:
Take 1-2 tablets a day.
One tablet typically provides:
300mg Kelp (providing 150-360µg Iodine).
Does not contain:
Sugar, soya, wheat, gluten, maize/corn, yeast, lactose, dairy products, artificial preservatives, colours or flavourings.

Vegetarian and vegan.
180 tablets


Price: £6.70

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