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HIGHER NATURE PREMIUM NATURALS Super Antioxidant Protection (90)

Price: £18.60

Product Overview

Wide spectrum antioxidant. This powerful formula supplies key water and fat-soluble antioxidant nutrients.
90 tablets

PREMIUM NATURALS                 
•   Powerful formulation supplying key water - and fat - soluble antioxidant nutrients needed throughout the body
•   May protect against free radical damage and premature ageing
•   Supports the body’s major antioxidant pathways
•   Low levels of antioxidants have been associated with general poor health especially in later life
•   Does not contain Vitamin A
Suggested intake:
Take 1-3 tablets a day.
One tablet typically provides:
50mg Vitamin E, 100mg Vitamin C, 5mg Vitamin B2, 4mg Zinc, 50µg Selenium, 1.3mg Manganese, 2.3mg Beta carotene, 20mg reduced Glutathione, 10mg Alpha Lipoic acid, 5mg L-Cysteine, 5mg N-Acetyl Cysteine, 5mg Co-enzyme Q10, 10mg Bilberry fruit, 10mg Chicory root.        
Does not contain:
Salt, wheat, gluten, lactose, dairy products, artificial preservatives, colours or flavours.
90 tablets
Price: £18.60

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