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MOLLU-SKIN KIT - Age 2 & 8 yrs+ (with Liquid Olive Leaf Extract)

List Price: £49.99
Price: £44.99

Product Overview

Contains our own Silver-MSM MOLLU-SKIN Serum+ roll-on, with Glucamune (beta glucans) and liquid Olive Leaf Extract. This kit is suitable for children over the age of 2 who cannot swallow the olive leaf capsules in the Age 8+ Kit and who do not like fruity drinks, or are sensitive to berries and who therefore cannot take the Elder in the Age 2+ Kit.

Suitable from age 2 years+ and 8 years+


One of our best-selling products since 2006 

Our 'MOLLU-SKIN KIT w/ Liquid Olive Leaf- age 2 & 8 yrs+' contains:

our own Silver-MSM MOLLU-SKIN Serum+ roll-on,  Glucamune (beta glucans) and liquid Olive Leaf Extract. The Glucamune and Olive Leaf are natural food supplements and are both to be taken orally. The serum is used topically and applied directly to the affected areas.

This is a comprehensive and holistic approach compared to purely topical applications.  Most other products available deal only with the external symptoms.

"I’ve tried creams/ointments, aromatherapy oils, thuja tincture.  I was at the end of my tether one Sunday night when he said he didn’t want to go school because of them.  Then I found you and this miracle kit.   Gave him the extract, the colloidal silver internally and sprayed twice a day.  We saw a marked difference in six days, honestly.  I know because I’ve examined every one for 18 months!   He has just got better and better.  Only three new ones since we started and they only lasted two or three days before making their way out..." G. Alexander

You can read many more
testimonials below


AGE INDICATONS:this kit is suitable for children age 2 & 8 yrs plus. This kit is suitable for children over the age of 2 who cannot swallow the olive leaf capsules in the Age 8+ Kit and who do not like fruity drinks, or are sensitive to berries and who therefore cannot take the Elder in the Age 2+ Kit.


1/ If your child has eczema in the same area as the lesions or suffers from dry, sensitive, upset skin or is prone to eczema generally please select from the drop down box at the top of this page this same kit but with Silver-MSM MOLLU-SKIN CREAM+ which has been developed specifically for this type of skin. 

2/ If your child has the lesions around the eyes or in the arm-pit please also select the option with the Silver-MSM Mollu-Skin Cream+ as above.

If your child has lesions very closely around the eyes or on the genital area please add the Silver-MSM Hi-Strength Skin Spray to your cart in addition to the kit. This spray can be sprayed directly onto and across the genitals and eyes etc. it does not matter if it goes into the eyes.

60ml now comes in an easy to use roll-on - economical and no messy oils or gels. Just apply directly to the affected areas twice a day and allow to air dry.

Produced exclusively for 100% Nature this is 5x stronger than our pervious serum. It is suitable for all skin types, areas and ages, this mild and gentle non-fragranced serum offers an enhanced silver effect with improved anti-microbial properties. Silver also has superior anti-microbial and antiseptic qualities and along with MSM promotes healing and regeneration. Based on inert metallic silver it is broad-spectrum anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-septic. All ingredients are derived from plants or minerals.

This product does NOT contain Silver Nitrate
which can burn the skin.  It does not cause scarring or burning and is fragrance-free.
For best results use with our Silver-MSM Mollu-Skin Foambath

COMVITA Olive Leaf Liquid - NaturalOlive Leaf Extract is a scientifically proven food supplement rich in immune-boosting antioxidants that have a remarkable ability to stimulate the immune system. Olive Leaf can be taken all year round in a low dose and then up to 3 times a day when required. Comvita Olive Leaf Complex does not contain any olive leaf extract powders or artifically boosted oluropein products. Latest antioxidant research puts Olive Leaf Complex on top with 400% more antioxidant activity than Vitamin C!

Dosage: Children: Take half the adult dose. 2.5ml 3 times a day. Can be taken straight (although does have a strong taste) or diluted with your favourite juice or milk drink. Do not exceed recommended intake.

To read more about this herb go to: and select Olive Leaf
Bulking agent (vegetable glycerin)
Olea Europaea (olive) leaf extract (water, olive leaf solids)

 (45 capsules)
Contains 250mg of Beta-(1,3/1,6)-D-Glucan from yeast, supports healthy immunity and is an ideal support during illness, over-work, after antibiotics and when sensitive to allergens. Recognised as the finest immuno-modulator available. They have no known side effects, are non-allergenic and are Clinically Tested.

For more information about beta glucans generally go to:
Dosage: take 1 capsule twice a day on an empty stomach or before food. Or if your child cannot swallow these capsules add the contents of one capsule into a milky drink (dairy/rice/oat milk)/yoghurt/smoothie/cereal/teaspoon of jam/honey/choc spread, first thing in the morning and again in the afternoon/evening before food. 2 capsules in total each day.

INSTRUCTIONS: Full instructions are included. Please use these products as directed until no longer required. If at any point you have any queries at all please do
contact us for advice, particularly if you think progress is slow.

HOW LONG DOES THE KIT LAST? The Age 2 & 8+ Kit last for 2-3 weeks. The serum/cream can last longer depending on the surface area you are applying to.
All products can be bought individually if required. The liquid Olive Leaf is also available as a 500ml bottle which again is more cost effective.

DELIVERY: the kit is normally despatched next day by 1st class post and therefore should be with you 2-4 days later.

THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: the immune systems of infants and young children are weaker than those of healthy adults.  There is much more that can be done to boost the immune system in addition to this kit. If you wish to do more to support the body's natural defences we would recommend either now or at some point adding
Zinc and Vitamin C to ensure optimum levels which are vital for a healthy immune system.

For children of all ages we have a selection of probiotics, multivitamin and omega 3 supplements available
- see
Immune System for Babies & Children

Our Silver-MSM MOLLU-SKIN Foambath has been developed to be used daily for soaking in the bath and contains Silver, MSM (organic sulphur), Lemon Myrtle Oil and Lemon Scented Tea Tree Oil to compliment the MOLLU-SKIN SERUM+ and the MOLLU-SKIN CREAM+ and increase their effectiveness. Mild, yet very efficient, it leaves your skin soft and supple, thanks to the generous amount of MSM added. Based on electro-colloidal silver it is broad-spectrum anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-septic. All ingredients are derived from plants or minerals.
For children with eczema please use the
Silver-MSM Milky Foambath instead which does not contain the essential oils.

Squeezing the spots is not an essential part of this approach however sometimes large spots that have come to a head may need some encouragement to come out after a warm bath, if you think this is something your child can cope with. Alternatively place a silver plaster over individual spots to act like a poultice and help draw out the centre.

After Care - Rosa Mosqueta Oil can be used to improve scar tissue if the skin is left with small marks. It should be used once the skin has completely healed.

Sun Protection - if you are going on holiday we would recommend using a sun protection swim suit/rash vest etc to cover as much of the spots as possible. Wash this well each evening. Whatever else you do need to protect we would recommend the Silver-MSM Sun Spray which is light and the spray action means you often don't need to rub it in, you can let it absorb in. If you do need to rub it onto the spots it does contain silver and so is the best form of protection with antimicrobial action. natural sun protection cannot be much higher than an SPF20 - please just apply a little more often than a higher SPF for the same protection.


What is Molluscum

Molluscum FAQ


Immune Support

If you have any questions with regard to the information above please contact us

NB. The products in this section are legally classified as food / dietary supplements and are not allowed to claim to be a treatment, cure or prevention of any diseases or medical conditions.


"Just to let you know that the spots I mentioned came to nothing in the end and I am delighted to report that we are completely molluscum free now. I just wanted to say a huge thanks for your support and advice and I dread to think what would have happened had I not stumbled across your website late one night! I still keep an eye for any spots on all 3 of my boys especially as we have just returned from holidays in florida, where apparently molluscum is quite common but I'm confident that if it re-appears your products will sort it out and I'll know not to take my doctors advice and let it run its course  this time. I tell everyone about your website and products." S. Bayly (June 2013)

"I wanted to tell you that I am SO SO happy I listed to the advice of friends and contacted you about my daughter's Molloscum. They cleared in two weeks! As we live in the sun it was important that I got them cleared in time for when she was getting in her swim gear and so I am just totally over the moon to have seen them clear, without any scaring and SO quickly. Thank you and congratulations!" H. Campina (April 2013)

"Just wanted to add my support for the Mollu-Skin Kit. Like others have mentioned we were told by our GP that there was nothing we could do when our 12 year old daughter contracted this awful virus. It started off with just a few small spots under her arm, but after 2 - 3 months it had spread down her arm and across her abdomen - causing a huge amount of distress. We have used the kit for 2 months now and the spots have virtually disappeared and she has had no new spots in the past few weeks. This kit has been wonderful and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to others." K.C (April 2013)

"I have to say when I stumbled across your website I was sceptical - however having a 10 year old growing increasing conscious of her body, who swims, dances and does gymnastic and therefore constantly having the parts of her body affected by Molluscum exposed (arms & legs) I was prepared to give your kit a shot and boy am I pleased with the results !  She had suffered with the condition for nearly 2 years and despite Drs reassurances that it would eventually disappear naturally there was no sign of it going, however after about 8 weeks of using 100% Natures Mollu Kits it completely disappeared. As for my son - his treatment took a little longer - more like 12 weeks. However I persevered and continued to buy items that I ran out of and eventually I started to see a marked improvement and the spots eventually disappeared ! Fantastic results and everyone is happy, especially me and my husband who until finding 100% Nature used to look at our children upset and distressed about their nasty Molluscum spots and feel helpless ! Overall I spent nearly £200 on the treatment - however is was money well spent and worth every penny. Once again thank very much and thank you to whoever realised that the combination in each kit would work ! You really must do more to advertise and promote this - there are hundreds of parents just like me who are struggling to deal with this nasty virus." C. Blake (Feb 2011)
"I am writing this with a smile on my face! I recently purchased a Molluscum kit from your website for my 8 year old daughters Molluscum which has troubled us for 9 months now.  It had rapidly spread from her trunk to her neck, face and arms and she was beginning to really lose confidence over these unsightly spots!  I have to report how impressed I am that after using your Molluscum Kit for only one week there is a massive difference to these unsightly spots.  The majority of them are already starting to clear and those immature spots that were developing have crusted over and are beginning to disappear!! I am absolutely delighted with the results and will be highly recommending your website to others!  From a delighted mummy and ahappy more confident 8 year old girls thank you very much."  F. Macdonald - July 2010

"My son's spots gradually appeared on his chest and after 18 months they had spread to his arms, legs and groin and some became very angry and red. After numerous trips to the doctor, who always advised me there was no treatment and that they would clear naturally, I decided to try to find a remedy. I am so very glad I came across this site and this product really does work. The spots were noticibly reducing within 2 weeks and after approx 2 months they have almost totally disappeared. Thank you so much from a very happy parent who's son is no longer self concious. Please DO NOT be put off by the price, I cannot stress enough that this product really does work, trust me." R. Chilton - 20th March 2010

"thank you very very much for the Mollu-Skin kit i bought two weeks ago, it has cleared up my daughters skin beautifully". H. Beeston (21/09/09)

"Thank you so much for recommending this kit. My 6 year old daughter is practically clear after using it for 4 weeks. Her eczema is improved too. I am very pleased with the results." J. Lobb

"About 3 weeks ago my two childen aged 3 and 7 were diagnosed with molluscum contagiosm and the doctor told me there was no treatment and it would clear up in about 12-18 months, I was horrified especially when it spread to my son's face - I searched on the web site and found you!! 3 weeks on and Jack is 99% clear - Chloe is taking a little longer but she also suffers from eczema but it is improving day by day - just ordered another kit  - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!" S. Jenkins

"Felt I had to let you know that in the short time we have been using your kit on our daughter (i.e. less than a week) her molluscum is disappearing before our eyes!! We are totally amazed and will pass on the details of this to all we know. It is certainly worth the money." K. O'Rourke

"I just wanted to say thank you for your quick delivery and great product. I bought the kit for kids and am very glad to say that a few weeks on the bumps have all gone! After going to the doctors and being told that patience (although my son had them for 2 years) or freezing them were the only solutions. I will mention this solution the next time we visit as I am sure more people would like to know about the product. But I also wanted to say thanks for your note on the website saying use the kit for 4 to 12 weeks, as it did take a few weeks to work, and I was just about to give up. I think we are so used to instant results in life! Thanks again, as I now have a very happy 6 year old who is happy to go to school with no bumps on his head!" L. Odekeye

" I just wanted to thank you so much for this wonderful kit. It really works. My 5 year old son had been suffering from about 50+ spots on the side of his body and they were spreading to his back and arms rapidly, much to his distress. We noticed a difference almost immediately once we started using the kit, and now just 2 and a half weeks later all spots are dried up and almost gone. I can't praise this highly enough. Thank you from a very happy 5 year old and a very relieved mum." E. Potter

"This kit is simply the best and my daughter is totally free from Molluscum. From start to finish it had cleared up within 8 weeks...My daughter had suffered from this revolting looking virus for in excess of 18 months. She had in excess of 50 large crusty spots...I went online and found 100% Nature.  I cannot stress how great this kit is.  I sprayed my little girl sometimes 4 to 5 times a day but could see an improvement within a couple of weeks. The more I sprayed the quicker the results...within 8 weeks they had completely gone.  A very big thank you to Lucy at 100% Nature for listening to me and also for the excellent, efficient service and delivery. Thank you again. " L. Pepper

"I wanted to email you to thank you and to let you know that this has meant the world to us. Thank you for this wonder kit. My beautiful 9 year old boy has had molloscum for over 18 months and it was steadily getting worse – not better. We visited the GP way back to be told what so many other have apparently that there’s nothing to do but wait. My boy has put up with questions, bullying and jibes from his classmates about his “spots” which were particularly bad around his neck and chest – very visible. He has also been in pain as they follow their own horrible little pus filled course. I’ve tried creams/ointments, aromatherapy, thuja tincture. I was at the end of my tether one Sunday night when he said he didn’t want to go school because of them. Then I found you and this miracle kit. We saw a marked difference in six days, honestly. I know because I’ve examined every one for 18 months! He has just got better and better. Only three new ones since we started and they only lasted two or three days before making their way out. Please tell me it’s a sustainable source so I will NEVER be without it. I am going to write to my GP and all my friends and whoever else will listen to me. It is wrong that something which works so well for this embarrassing and painful condition for children is a secret! Thank you so, so much and if I can do anything to help you promote this please let me know."  G. Alexander

"my son started of with one spot that soon developed into 200 spots. after a year of just putting up with it we found this web site we decided to give it a go as by now it was upsetting the whole family having Ben my son was in tears most days .his molluscum was very fierce and he had lots of it, we had to give up swimming and most things he enjoyed because of the embarrassment he felt when we got his first kit nothing happened by the second kit we began to see improvement we had 4 kits over 3 months which cost around 100 pounds but Lucy at 100 percent natural kept encouraging us and she was so helpful Ben is now clear and just left with a few scars which i think may go i never thought this day would come when i to was thanking 100 percent nature for helping us but here it is ,thank you so much you have changed my sons life to think this could have gone on for up to 5 years without your help. don't expect for it to clear up straight away its worth waiting for and definitely worth every penny from Julie a very happy mummy." J. Marshall

"All my daughter's " molloscum spots" scabbed over now after using this kit for two weeks and no new "spots" are evident. I cannot believe my doctor said my daughter might well have to live with this for 12-18 months! Have also tried it on my hands as they are constantly splitting and sore due to eczema - my hands are not perfect by all means but they are no longer sore and they are no longer split ... FANTASTIC! I work as a healthcare assistant where I'm constantly having to wash my hands, so getting these results with twice daily application inspite all the handwashing is amazing! :) This is definitely going to be a permanent feature in my medicine cabinet." J. Faulkner


Ingredients: Purified Water, Castor Oil, Provitamin B5 (d-panthenol), Coconut Oil, Thistle Oil, MSM, Vitamin E ( tocopherol), Xantham Gum, Konjac Glucomannan, Phenoxyethanol*, Ethylhexylglycerin*, Silver

*roll-on requires the use of mild alcohol-based preservatives (approved by ECOCERT) to maintain product integrity


List Price: £49.99
Price: £44.99

2 Product Reviews - Average rating 5 / 5 (Show All)

MOLLU-SKIN KIT - Age 2 & 8 yrs+ (with Liquid Olive Leaf Extract)5 Life Changing!

Clare Newman - 04th September 2013

My 5 year old Daughter had molluscum for around 18 months and got progressively worse. She had a terrible outburst of them in her upper inner thigh, and they even bled. She didn't want to go to school and became very self conscious. The doctors said 'its ...

MOLLU-SKIN KIT - Age 2 & 8 yrs+ (with Liquid Olive Leaf Extract)5 Molluscum

L Lyon - 27th March 2013

My daughter's molluscum started with one spot at the back of her knee which spread over the course of a year to several more spots. As in most cases I had asked the doctors on a couple of occassions what we could do and the answer was to ride it out. Afte...