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ARGENTUM PLUS Silver-MSM 25ppm Liquid 200ml

200ml refill bottle

Price: £21.99
CPX KIT all ages w/ Silver-MSM Hi Strength Skin Spray x2

Contains 'Silver-MSM Hi Strength & Broad Spectrum Skin Spray' an easy-to-use liquid spray. 100% natural. Suitable for babies of all ages, children and adults.

50ml spray bottle x2

Price: £27.99

CPX KIT - Adult

Contains 'Silver-MSM Hi-Strength & Broad Spectrum Skin Spray' and Bee Prepared Immune Support . A comprehensive, natural and holistic approach.

For adults and children over 16 years

Price: £26.99
CPX KIT No.1 w/ Silver-MSM Skin Spray,Rhus Tox 30c & Aloe Vera Gel

Contains Silver-MSM Hi-Strength & Broad Spectrum Skin Spray a natural liquid spray, the homeopathic remedy Rhus tox 30c and Aloe Vera Gel. A comprehensive and holistic approach.

Suitable for all ages including babies

Price: £26.99