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NATURE'S ANSWER Balanced Ginseng Complex

Price: £12.29

Product Overview

Contains extract of Red Chinese Ginseng root, White Chinese Ginseng root, American Ginseng root, Chinese Red dates and Chinese Licorice root. This liquid formula is highly absorbable and alcohol free.


Promotes Energy Levels. To build energy and 'chi' ("life force"), for those feeling depleted and run down.  For long term vitality boost, immune builder and rejuvenator.


Alcohol Free Extract

Serving size: 2mL, 1-2x daily

Each Serving contains: 2,000mg of Extract of Red Chinese Ginseng root (1:1) White Chinese Ginseng root (1:1) American Ginseng root (1:1) Chinese Red dates (1:1) Chinese Licorice root (1:1)

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Energy vitality booster and rejuvenator immune system.

Price: £12.29

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