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NATURE'S ANSWER Windy Pops (Bubble Be Gone)

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Product Overview

A blend of gentle herbs which is designed for infants and youngsters to help support healthy digestion. Comes in an easy-to-use dropper bottle.  From six months.


Natures Answer Windy-Pops For Kids- an alcohol-free extract using organically grown herbs in a glycerine base. It can be given in juice or applied to nursing mother's nipples. It is also suitable for those on lactose intolerant diets, wheat intolerant diets, vegetarians and vegans. Suitable from six months.

A blend of gentle herbs which is designed for infants and youngsters to help support healthy digestion and comes in an easy-to-use dropper bottle.


Ingredients: Chamomile flower, fennel seed, catnip aerial parts, lemon balm aerial parts, in a base of coconut glycerine and natural citric acid from casava root

Each serving contains: 1,000mg of Extracts of Chamomile flowers (1:1) Fennel seed (1:1) Catnip aerial parts (1:1) Lemon balm aerial parts (1:1)

To read more about medicinal herbs go to:

Directions: Use as directed on the label, 3 or four times a day as required


"I found Windy-Pops to be very effective for my first baby and have bought a second bottle for my second baby. Even if you are sceptical about using it, the liquorice taste gives the baby something to think about and provides a good distraction from crying. Sometimes that's all you need! I would definitely recommend this to other new parents." F. Thompson

"We have been very pleased with the windy pops drops. Our little Lawrence suffered quite badly with his tummy and using those drops certainly seemed to make a difference. Especially since the only highstreet alternatives contain horrid ingredients!" C. Van de Water

Sorry, Not in Stock
Price: £7.90

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