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NUTIVA Organic Hemp Shake Vanilla

Price: £16.99

Product Overview

Nutiva new organic HempShakes use organic inulin and tapioca. The new formula is smoother, offer more protein and less sugar.


Did You Know?

NOTE: Nutiva has recently changed the formulation of our HempShakes. We first boosted the hemp protein and eliminated the cane sugar. The next adjustment added coconut sugar to help balance and improve the flavor.

Nutiva HempShakes™ are as delicious as they are nutritious, and make the perfect meal replacement or snack.

Nutiva has reformulated our HempShake™ line with three delcious new flavors: VanillaChocolate • and Super Berry

The new Shakes are smoother, with less sugar and more protein. We skip using any cane sugar, and instead add healthy sweetners inulin (sunchoke) and tapioca.

Hemp is a great protein source; an easily digestible, high-quality plant protein with branched-chain amino acids that are vital for good health.

Nutiva HempShakes™ contain 12g of protein per serving for the Vanilla and SuperBerry, and 11g for the Chocolate flavor.

Vanilla HempShake™ Ingredients:

Organic hemp protein, organic coconut sugar, organic tapioca, organic guar gum, organic inulin (sunchoke), organic vanilla, organic stevia.


Do yourself—and the planet—a favor! Choose certified-organic hemp—the Earth's premier renewable resource.

Mix 2-4 Tbsp of HempShake® with 8 oz of milk (almond, hemp, or coconut milk) and half a ripe banana.

Price: £16.99

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