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RENEW LIFE DigestMORE Ultra (60)

Price: £29.99

Product Overview

Ultra strength enzyme complex that targets difficult digestion. High levels of plant based enzymes per capsule.  Assists in the breakdown of foods to help prevent gas, bloating and indigestion. This is the new UK/EU formula.

60 vegetarian capsules

DigestMORE ULTRA is a therapeutic strength enzyme formula designed for those

whose digestive problems occur on a daily basis, or are serious in nature. 

Renew Life produces 2 different enzyme formulas - DigestMORE and DigestMORE ULTRA. Each formula is designed to

meet your unique digestive needs.

How is it delivered?

DigestMORE ULTRA contains powdered enzymes in vegetable capsules.

What does it do?

When DigestMORE ULTRA is taken with a meal, it works to break down food products into

their smallest usable components (nutrients). This allows the body to absorb the maximum

amount of nutrients from your meal. When food is effectively broken down, the overall function

of the digestive system is improved, including a reduction in the amount of gas produced.

How does it work?

DigestMORE ULTRA contains digestive enzymes. Enzymes are catalysts for chemical reactions

within the body. Without them, food is not broken down properly. Many people do not

produce enough enzymes, therefore they are unable to absorb all of the nutrients from the food

they are eating. This leads to symptoms such as gas, bloating, heartburn, constipation, and is

the first step toward more chronic disease.

DigestMORE ULTRA contains enzymes which address every type of food group including; proteins, fats, carbohydrates, dairy, plant and

vegetable material (cellulose), and sugars. The elements in DigestMORE ULTRA enhance digestion beyond what the body is normally capable

of. This combination of enzymes functions under the whole range of gastric pH levels from 2-14.

DigestMORE ULTRA also includes the enzymes Phytase and Pectinase, which break down harmful phytates, which can cause malabsorption.

Phytates are found in seeds, grains, and beans. Phytates have been shown in clinical studies to block the absorption of many minerals, especially

calcium. This can be problematic for vegetarians, as these foods are staples in their diet. By breaking down phytates, DigestMORE Ultra

eliminates this problem.

DigestMORE Ultra also contains the enzymes Cellulase, Hemicellulase and Xylanase which the human body is unable

to produce. These enzymes break down plant fibres, which cause gas and bloating.

If undigested foods reach the large intestine, it becomes fuel for the "bad" bacteria in your intestinal tract. These

"bad" bacteria will putrefy the undigested food, releasing volatile fatty acids and gasses that cause bloating and

often foul smelling gas. If you provide your body with enough enzymes to break down all of your food, then the

"bad" bacteria will have nothing to ‘eat’, and bloating and gas diminish.

How do I take it?

Take 1 capsule just before each meal as needed.

What can I expect?

People usually take DigestMORE ULTRA because they have chronic digestive upset (severe gas,

bloating,). DigestMORE ULTRA helps you to break down much more of the food that you eat and as

a result there are reduced symptoms of indigestion. In some cases, you may experience more energy.

Amylase Enzyme*, Ginger Root, Take 1 capsule just before each meal as


Must be used within the framework of a



healthy way of life and not to be used like substitutes

of a varied and balanced diet. Do not use if pregnant

or lactating. Keep out of reach of children. Do not

exceed daily dose recommended. Do not use if seal is



Amylase 25,000 DU

Ginger Root, Rhizome (Zingiber officinalis) 170mg

Protease 100,000 HUT

Glucoamylase 50 AG

Alpha Galactosidase 500 GAL

Lipase 18,750 LU

Beta Glucanase 25 BGU

Xylanase 550 XU

Pectinase 4.5 Endo-PG

Lactase 1,200 ALU

Cellulase 1,500 CU

Invertase 250 SU

Phytase 5 U

Papain 50,000 PU

Hemicellulase 30 HCU



Rhizome (Zingiber officinalis), Pectinase Enzyme*,

Protease Enzyme*, Vegetable Capsule Shell

(Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, water), Glucoamylase

Enzyme*, Alpha Galactosidase Enzyme*, Lipase

Enzyme, Beta Glucanase Enzyme*, Xylanase Enzyme*,

Lactase Enzyme*, Cellulase Enzyme*, Invertase

Enzyme*, Phytase Enzyme*, Papain*, Hemicellulase


*Carrier agent: Maltodextrin






Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight





Price: £29.99

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