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Silver has been used for centuries for it's healing properties.


Silver has been used for thousands of years by civilizations throughout the world.  In Ancient Greece, Rome and Macedonia silver was used extensively on wounds, to treat water and preserve food and liquids. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, used silver and thought that it promoted tissue repair.  Long before the introduction and development of pharmaceuticals Ayurvedic medicine used silver in small amounts, administering it to patients. Today it is used in medical equipment, feeding tubes and instruments, clothing, water filters, plasters and wound dressings.  Some new hospitals are coating specific surfaces with silver as part of their efforts to control the transfer of bacteria and germs.


Silver inactivates most single-celled organisms by blocking their ability to transfer oxygen in the cell, which results in their death.  Human cells however have an entirely different coating on their cells, a chemically resistant wall, and consequently silver has no harmful effect upon them.  Silver therefore has a very high safety level and is absolutely safe for humans, animals and plants.  Unlike certain pharmaceuticals which destroy beneficial enzymes, silver leaves these tissue-cell enzymes intact. 


Colloidal Silver has been used for hundreds of years. A good quality silver colloid is simply a suspension of silver particles in water made using electro-controlled technology and a specific water purification process, to achieve a very small particle size (0.0006 to 0.005 microns) - this provides a much greater surface area for contact and a more effective product.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s colloidal silver was beginning to be understood and used more widely but was limited by its cost. Up until 1938 when pharmaceuticals were introduced silver was administered in almost every way that modern drugs are used today. It was administered orally, topically or injected . However as pharmaceuticals became readily available silver colloid was left behind with the new 'wonder' drugs being far cheaper and easier to produce.

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