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TRILLIUM ORGANICS Body Polish Pink Grapefruit

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Product Overview

Pink grapefruit 'refreshing' body scrub with pure sea salt.  Prepare to be amazed by this totally unique product!


Organic Body Polish Skin Facts
Ingredients              Source           Function                                 Purity
Crystalline Salt       Oceans          Exfoliates, Antiseptic             99.98% Pure Sodium
Safflower Oil           Safflower       Emollient, Moisturizer             Certified Organic
Phospholipids         Soy                Skin Protector, Emulsifier      Solvent Free
Vitamin E Oil           Soy                 Regenerative, Antioxidant       Natural Tocopherols
Total Percentage of Organic Ingredients = 96%

Organic Body Polish is what Trillium is known for!  We have been making this
formula for ten years, to the delight of thousands around the world!

Forget anything you know about salt glows, scrubs or rubs,  and prepare to be amazed by this totally unique skin substance!  

Exfoliate, moisturize and protect the skin with this bi-weekly skin renewal treatment.  Crystals of salt exfoliate and purify the skin while enhancing the skin’s absorption of the Organic emollient oils. This is the most intense and penetrating moisturizing treatment you will ever
experience.  Skin is hydrated by the bath or shower waters, opening the pores and saturating the skin.  The salt’s hyper-osmotic properties pull the water from the skin, the Organic oils then migrate deeply into the prepared the dermal layers.  The Soy Lipids leave a non-comedogenic (non pore-clogging) layer of protection over the fresh newly exposed skin.  Just try it, you’ll know what all the fuss is about!

Sorry, Not in Stock
Price: £24.99

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