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VITALIZE HEALTH Glucasan+ (60)

Price: £22.99

Product Overview

240mg Capsules of Glucasan+ highly refined beta-glucan 1-3,1-6, recognised as the finest immuno-modulator available. With added zinc, copper, Vitamin D3 and Selenium. One months basic supply to get you started, to take on holiday or carry with you. Vegan.

60 capsules

240mg Capsules of Glucasan+ One months basic supply to get you started, to take on holiday or carry with you.Remember you need one a day to fill the nutrition gap created by sanitized food and drink, filling the gap your immune system needs to stay in top condition. Now with Vitamin D3, Zinc and Selenium. Vegan

60 capsules

Glucanume and Glucasan+ are made from highly refined beta-glucan 1-3,1-6, recognised as the finest immuno-modulator available.
Only the highest quality standardised extract of Beta Glucan 1-3,1-6 is used in Glucasan®+ and Glucamune where the beta-glucans are specially purified. They have no known side effects, are non-allergenic and are Clinically Tested.
Derived from the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiase
Why is Glucasan+ so expensive when yeast is so cheap?
1-3, 1-6 beta glucans need to be very carefully refined, for two critical reasons. First, the material must be purified and the particle size must be carefully controlled, to enhance bioavailability and to achieve maximal absorption. (Beta Glucan particles need to be less than 20µ to be maximally effective). Second, the receptors that trigger the immune system are fragile and cannot be damaged during a series very carefully controlled purification processes.
The Beta Glucan 1-3, 1-6 in Glucasan®+ and Glucamune is in a maximum bio-available concentration and is proven to kick-start the immune system and help your body fight infection, stay well and function at its optimum.

Who is it for?
Clinically proven Glucasan®+ is for anyone (all adults, children and infants) whose immune system is in need of a boost or because it could be run down through poor diet, stress, illness, age or lifestyle.

Benefits of Glucasan+
●      Help fight allergy.
●      Help avoid infections such as cold and flu 
●      Add extra natural protection to simply to maintain the very best of health.
●      Improve your micronutrient intake for double strengthening 
●      Boost immunity at times of strain such as during intensive sports training.

Why do I need to supplement my immune system?
The innate immune system - the most important element in our defence against infection - has been lulled into a state of low activity by our over-sanitised environment. Beta-Glucans are immuno-modulators; they restore the innate immune system to full effectiveness.

What are Glucans …. and how do they work?
Beta-Glucans are specialised carbohydrates built up of glucose molecules. They occur naturally in yeast, mushrooms and certain plants. 
Beta-Glucans from different sources come in  various types and structures, with different effects in the body. The beta glucans in Glucasan Plus, derived from baker's yeast, are the best documented and most effective immuno-modulators available.
Why are there other ingredients in Glucasan+ and what do they do?
Glucasan+ has added zinc and copper - essential trace elements crucial to immune support.

Glucasan®+ and Glucamune Intake:

One capsule per day, increased to two per day (one in the morning and one in the afternoon 20 mins or more before or after food) when additional support may be needed.


At least 3 years when stored in a cool dry place. See container for ‘Best Before’ date. Keep out of the reach of children.
Glucasan+ ingredients
from Saccharomyces cerevisiae
221.25 mg
Zinc Gluconate (50% RDA)
37.03 mg
Copper Gluconate (25% RDA)
1.785 mg
L-Seleno Methionine – Selenium  (50% RDA)
0.55 mg
Vitamin D3 preparation – (200% RDA)
6.0 mg

Free of gluten, milk sugar, colour and preservatives. Suitable for vegetarians/vegans. HFL Gold standard screened as suitable for professional athletes.
*Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (E464 - Vegi capsule) can be consumed by all religious groups, vegans and vegetarians, as can all the ingredients of Glucasan+ capsules.
Glucasan® is produced in Germany in accordance with German and European Food Laws and its chemical composition has been approved for Commercial purposes. (RPDA 10.12.2004). 
Price: £22.99

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