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What are Warts and Verrucas?
Human papilloma virus (HPV) infection is the main cause of warts and verrucas. When HPV invades the skin, it can rapidly multiply and form raised bumps. As a form of defense, the body tends to wall off these lumps. Applying pressure on the lumps or bumps only causes the warts to harden and burrow deeper into the skin of the infected area. The bumps in the infected area also represent the blocked small blood vessels within the wart. It is not advisable to man-handle these bumps, HPV can easily be spread by contact. Hence, HPV can also affect the surrounding areas of a wart when not immediately treated.
There are three types of warts; the common warts, plantar warts and the genital warts.

Common warts are usually found on the hands, fingers, face, knee and skin around the nails. Compared to other types of warts, common warts are highly infectious. They can easily be spread when picked, trimmed or touched.

Plantar warts are verrucas and usually occur on the feet area. These are found on the soles, undertoes and toes of the feet. Although they resemble feet calluses, they are tender to the touch. Usually, plantar warts do not tend to spread to other parts of the body. Verrucas are more like 'in-growing' warts and there are actually many different types. A handful of these are the most common though and they tend to occur on the feet but also on the hands and sometimes the face or neck, and in fact anywhere on the body.

Lastly, the genital warts as the name implies is found at the areas around the vagina, penis, anus, groin or scrotum. They are observed to be generally pink in color, and resemble a head of a cauliflower. This type of warts is highly contagious and is classed as an STD - passed on through sexual contact. Even a baby born to a mother with genital warts may contract the virus.
In most cases, warts are found on the skin. However, there are also cases where warts develop inside the body such as in the larynx and urinary tract warts. Our body does not have the capacity to develop immunity to HPV, but we can fight the infection by boosting our body’s immune system. While adults can easily control the spread of its infection, playful children may be vulnerable to the infection caused by the virus. That’s why learning all about the options available for warts is important for everybody.
Conventional Treatment:
There are several methods used by the medical profession to try and treat warts. However, their application greatly depends on the patient’s response to the treatment process. Three of the main treatment approaches include wart paints or cream application, cryotherapy and surgery.
Wart paints are generally based on salicylic acid, which was proven effective in dissolving the thickened skin of the warts. This creates a hole in the skin with the hope that the immune system will then take action to fight the virus. But when this treatment is not strong enough to control and manage larger and aggressive warts as in plantar warts, patients can turn to more concentrated skin formulations as in wart creams. However, prolonged usage of wart creams usually cause irritation of the skin around the infected area. Cryotherapy or freezing therapy refers to the use of liquid nitrogen to eradicate the infection of large and deeply penetrating formation of warts. Although it leaves the area with blisters and swellings, it is for many peopel an effective way of putting a stop to the progress of HPV infection. If the patient fails to respond on any form of treatment, then he may turn to surgery. The only problem with surgery is that it invariably leaves a scar. Laser therapy may be used but this depends on your dermatologist’s recommendations, and has been known to stimulate the growth of the virus instead or erradicating it.
The problem of course will many of these options is that they can be painful and not suitable for children.
Stubborn Warts and Verrucas:
For some people none of the above treatments work and they can be left struggling to find a solution to extremely stubborn warts and or verrucas. These can then spread to be multiple warts or multiple verrucas. Multiple verrucas on the feet can be painful and can affect walking etc. The many attempts at burning, freezing, the use of acid etc can actually make the verruca even more stubborn as the skin hardens around it. Multiple warts can spread literally all over the body.
A Natural Approach:
The use of plant-based preparations can be effective in eliminating warts. Natural ingredients such as oregano, tea tree oil, garlic, castor oil, silver, beta glucans, propolis and even banana skin were found to exhibit the capacity of killing HPV, which is the primary cause of warts. You can often also find that people have had good success with duct tape!
Our most poweful cream and serum for skin problems are:-
Silver-MSM Mollu-Skin Cream+ is an ideal topical cream and our strongest yet! Yet gentle on the skin. Apply twice daily. This is ideal for sensitive areas, eczema-prone skin, the face, around the eyes etc
Silver-MSM Mollu-Skin Serum+ is a more fluid version of the above cream, just as strong, but in an easy to use roll-on for all other areas.
BYE WART! is a natural topical cream - a remedy for all types of wart and also verrucas. It is made of various but specific, natural ingredients and offers a pain-free and effective solution to warts. It is suitable from age 3 upwards. It has no known side-effects.
For stubborn warts and verrucas - if you have tried everything then please go straight to our W+V Kits - suitable for all ages. This is a fully comprehensive approach.
Dietary & Lifestyle Advice:
Do all that you can to boost your immune system. Eat a healthy diet and increase your intake of foods which contain Vitamin C, Zinc and B Vitamins.
Verrucas tend to need the skin around the centre of the infection filed down as much as possible, to allow the topical product to be absorbed better into the skin.
Complementary Therapies:
The patient may undergo many forms of treatment to completely eradicate warts. However, to optimize the effects of wart medications and treatments, the patient can work on boosting his immune system.
A person’s mental state greatly influence the way a person responds to treatment. That’s why distant healing methods such as hypnosis may also be used. In a controlled study, hypnosis has shown promising results, making it one of the recognized treatments especially for more aggressive attacks of HPV.

Please contact us for personal advice should you need it

NB. This information is in no way intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are unsure as to the suitability of any of the products or recommendations with regard to your condition please consult your doctor. If your doctor does not approve of complementary medicine it may be helpful to find one who does. 


"Our 6 year old daughter had 12 really painful Verruca's on her feet and was in a lot of pain and discomfort with them.  Our doctor was reluctant to treat them but was about to commence to freeze them off which would have taken months and be very painful. 100% nature was recommended by a friend and they have been fantastic in helping us get rid of the verruca's.  Within 5 weeks the Verruca's have all gone! We are so pleased and thankful to the help and support from 100% nature, always at the end of the phone for advice. Using the 'Betamune75' (their strongest beta glucan) and 'Silver-MSM Hi Strength Skin Spray' has been a fast and pain free way to get rid of the 12 Verruca's, so glad we gave it a go before going back to the doctors."
Nicola Hopkins and a very happy 6 year old (May 2014)

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